building kernel package on slackware12.1

Discussion in 'Kernel Questions' started by geetha_sg, Jul 3, 2008.

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    Hi expert all,

    I am using slackware 12.1 guest os in vmware 1.0.6 on win xp.

    I need minimalist slackware.. so that I have recompiled the kernel- for vmware devices and installed modules supplied by vmware that is vmmon and vmnet. Finally build the kernel packages using slackbuild script

    I am using below kernel packages


    I followed below ur for vmware kernel compilation, this url for gentoo but i adapted to slackware ..

    I have followed below url for vmware modules installation

    i followed below url for building packages for both modules and booting kernel,

    I am getting different error while trying every time

    version magic error

    FATAL: Error inserting vmnet (/vmmon.ko): invalid module format

    Please help me.. I am stucks on different error..

    thanks in advance:confused::confused:

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