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Discussion in 'Smalltalk' started by Entwine, Jan 10, 2008.

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    So I recently became interested in building my own laptop, to use for school and for gaming. Now, I decided to go with a barebone notebook, such as this. I was going to buy the rest of the parts (from my understanding, it's just the CPU, Hard drive, and Memory) from Newegg. This is what I have: CPU , Hard Drive, and Memory. What I want to know, or make sure of, is if the items I chose are compatible with the barebone and if there is anything else I should add/I am missing. Help is appreciated, thank you.
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    oldish topic

    persoanly : building an laptop : for normal day in day out usage : never heard of them doing that
    i know for the gamer laptops than yes

    persoanal : work out what you going to do with it
    how long you going to have it for : before you go looking at newer laptop :
    normal day in and out use

    2-2.4 Ghz / 2 GB RAM / 80(min) 120GB hdd

    and would also check out USB cooling pad for under the laptop to get some air under and moving to keep with the cooling

    they get hot :

    the down side is : fast CPU and hard drive = heat and a s**t load of it
    add in an gaming video card : and arr EEK )

    ( what i got is an 1.86 Ghz : 1.5 GB ram : 80 GB HDD : wifi : linux : dead as : windows : its fine)

    hope it help a tab :)
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    Ive not really looked into the specs of your barebones but alot dont come with wifi cards either so dont forget to buy one of those if it doesnt have one in.

    They're fairly easy to do. I built up an asus S96Jm recently. I bought all the parts off ebay bar the hdd. Saved myself a small fortune. Hardest part i found was what spec components they work with.. alot of sites said mine only supported 60,80 and 100gb hdds. The odd one said the max was 120gb... in the end i just bought a 120gb one and it works just fine.
  4. sbovisjb1

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    If you want to use the laptop for gaming, I suggest that you buy the laptop components you need and then purchase and empty shell (with screen included) The case and screen are some of the most expensive components (about half or just under) of the build. Make sure it supports everything you want.
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    what os you wanna use for your laptop?

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