Bug in v3.0.2 client account settings

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    Is this the correct place to report bugs?

    ISPConfig 3.0.2 on Debian Lenny / 5.0

    Can't change client's language to English after initial account creation

    Steps to replicate the bug:

    login as admin
    Client tab
    left nav Clients>Add Client
    add a client with company name, contact name, username, password and leave everything else alone
    Log in as the new client user
    Discover that the first page is in English and the others are in something that looks like Russian
    Have client log out
    Log in as admin and reset the client account's Language to English and the Country to US
    Have client log in
    See that it's still the same
    Try the above multiple times: client language cannot be changed after the initial create! They still see the Russian-looking characters
    Delete account, create fresh with English/US set correctly at the beginning this time
    Then the client sees the interface all in English, correctly.


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