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Discussion in 'General' started by PacketPaul, Oct 5, 2007.

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    I have created two users, Sam and Alfred with Alfred being the administrator. The home directories in the passwd file are set as follows:


    Notice the home directory for Alfred is the root directory of the entire site and not the more logical /var/www/web5/./user/web5_alfred.

    Why is this important? Because Dovecot looks for the Maildir in the home directory (i.e. ~/Maildir). Thus Dovecot can not find the administrators e-mail which is being stored at /var/www/web5/user/web5_alfred/Maildir.

    While I realize I can write a script that Dovecot will call to set the e-mail directory based upon if the user is an administrator, for simplicity, all e-mail should be stored in a similar location. The fix is quite simple, the home directory in the passwd file needs to be changed from:

    /var/www/web5/./ to /var/www/web5/./users/web5_alfred

    Second issue:
    Is it really necessary to give sam his own chroot environment? That seems like a waste of space. I imagine most people would find it acceptable that all users are chrooted to the root directory of the site.

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    Ok, this the the modifications required. All are in config.lib.php:

    Around line 632, delete the following:

    $mod->system->adduser($user_username, $userid, $gid_web, $user_name, $web_path.$chroot_addpath, $shell, $passwort);
    } else {
    $mod->system->adduser($user_username, $userid, $gid_web, $user_name, $web_path."/user/".$user_username.$chroot_addpath, $shell, $passwort);

    Replace with:

    $mod->system->adduser($user_username, $userid, $gid_web, $user_name, $web_path.$chroot_addpath."user/".$user_username, $shell, $passwort);

    and delete/comment out the line 767 and 768:

    // Chroot enviroment erstellen
    if($go_info["server"]["ssh_chroot"] == 1) {
    exec("/root/ispconfig/scripts/shell/create_chroot_env.sh $user_username");

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