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  1. bruswizer50

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    I have ubuntu 10 10 and want to change to linux mint 9 kde. I purchased two different DVD' trying to install on my computer. Niether one will boot to desktop like they said, instead it goes to terminal [email protected] $_. I was told to type mint and it would start but command not found. The ubuntu DVD worked just fine and installed without a hitch. What is wrong please? [email protected]
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  3. bruswizer50

    bruswizer50 New Member

    Thanks. I tried downloading and burning to cd but computer goes into low graf. mode and does nothing. The DVD i got for ubuntu 10 10 worked fine, installed without a hitch. Why can't i get a Linux Mint DVD that will do the sameT Thank goodness the DVD didn't cost me much.
  4. bruswizer50

    bruswizer50 New Member

    Problem solved!! i disabled the hard drive in bios boot. Enabled it after install.

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