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    As some of you might have noticed already, we made some major changes to the branches in our GitLab:
    master is now old-master
    is now stable-old
    New: develop (created from stable-3.1)

    The master branch became unusable because some changes were there, but not in the stable branch, and vice versa. We have ported some code from master to the new develop branch, so it's included in the upcoming versions of ISPConfig (mostly translations).

    From today onwards, all merge requests should be made against the develop branch. If (some of) your merge requests were merged into the master branch, and the code is currently not included in the develop branch, feel free to create a MR to backport it. If you have a open merge request against the master branch, please close it and create a new one against the develop branch.

    Starting with 3.2, all releases are based on the develop branch.
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