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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by DataVampire, Jun 30, 2010.

  1. DataVampire

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    Hi guys i have a wiered one for you and i hope to god you can help me, i have been bashing my head for aorund 3 days with aorund 3 hours of sleep.

    i have installed fedora 13 with the help of the the guide a very nice one i might add, with the ispconfig 3 one.

    now here is the problem, i have been having dns problems since day one, i have been racking my brains about this. then a big bright shiny light bulb apeared above my head.

    Blocked ports, no chance i wisper to my self, and yes guys admit it from time to time we talk in our heads, anyhow to the problem.

    port 21/ and port 53 is blocked in my server and some others too.

    When i installed fedora as per instructions i turned off selinux stoped the fedora firewall i have no idea what could be blocking the ports. its not my router i have turned that off(even though before i forwarded every port to man).

    I have contacted my isp and double checked they was not blocking the port, and sure as hell they confirmed they are not blocking the ports, infact (they brag) we are one of few isps in the uk that do nto block any ports.

    Anyhow is there anything else that could be blocking ports
    Please help save my sanity

    Thank you
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  2. Mark_NL

    Mark_NL Member

    - Your iptables are clear
    - Your isp doesn't block any ports

    netstat -tapn, gives your the processes running on the ports?
    can you "telnet ip port" to the ports from localhost? from lan? from wan?

    though you still haven't really explained your problem, but i assume you cannot ftp nor query your server for dns requests?
  3. DataVampire

    DataVampire New Member

    Hi there thank you for the response, im trying to get my domain name to resolve to my server on investigating i discovered that most of the ports are blocked, to determin this i used shields up and whats my ip port scanners. they both confirmed that quite a few ports needed to be opened to run a server.

    Again my isp does not block any ports.
    I had every single port forwarded in my router i even created a dmz for my server via my router. that did not work so i ended up turning off my routers firewall alltogether until the problem is sorted.

    output of netstat -tapn

    Thank you
  4. Mark_NL

    Mark_NL Member

    The problem exists between your server and your router ..

    You must've messed something up in the configuration there what made it unreachable from the outside.

    So i'd suggest clear al your router settings, like it was befor you started, then put the server in DMZ so all non forwarded ports will go to dmz (the server) and you'll be able to reach your machine from the outside. (clear your firewall settings on your router as well)
  5. DataVampire

    DataVampire New Member

    It was fedora, i had not altered anything, only following the guides.

    What i did to fix this was proberly drasktic, i reformatted fedora and put on debian leny instead, what a difference, with debian, all ports are closed, until you install say bind, then its open automaticly far better for a noob like myself i think

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