Block email ids, sending email thru php script

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    I am trying to block an email id

    [email protected]

    I've added this records in EMAIL -> GLOBAL FILTERS -> POSTFIX Blacklist

    [email protected] SENDER

    Still I see emails coming from this mail id in mailq.

    How can I permanently block this email id?

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    Any suggestion here?

    Please let me know, I am unable to block this email id. This is not created through control panel, I think it's default email created when we add website.

    [email protected]
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    This email is coming from one of our website contact form. we do have capcha on that form.

    website id is web53 in ispconfig, hence the FROM email appears as [email protected]

    I have added this email id in postfix blacklist, still it's able to access the smtp and send email.

  4. diablo666

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    Same problem here, any solution?
  5. buliyo

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    I have this problem too..
    Any solutions?

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