Binding services to multipul IP addresses

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by tommywds, May 15, 2007.

  1. tommywds

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    Hi there Guys

    I'm really hoping that someone will be able to help me out today!

    Please go easy on me, I'm quite new to Linux!!!

    I have a server with 4 IP addresses and a number of services, but I only want them to run on 3 of the IP addresses. Please could anyone suggest how to configure the following services.

    • Apache - Done
    • MySQL
    • Q-Mail
    • BIND
    • Courier-IMAP - Both POP and IMAP

    I have taken a look at qmail and everything I have found on the web doesn't appear right to me...
    Courier looks like I can only bind it to one IP address (but I could be doing something wrong) This is the same for MySQL.
    BIND just confuses me!

    Thanks a million in advance!!!
  2. bpmee

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    Not sure if this will help, but this is how to BIND multiple IPs to a Single NIC


    This might help, it describes how to BIND multiple IPs to a single NIC.

    It is fairly easy to do, just make sure that you have correctly named and created the required number of eth0:x addresses.

    Note, this is for Redhat Linux, but may work on other systems - but I'm not sure...

    I posted this in the "Suggest How-tos" section also.

    Once you BIND your IPs, follow the "Perfect setup" for your particular OS. This should help set things up for you...

    Good luck....:cool:
  3. falko

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    Courier, MySQL, and BIND should listen on all IP addresses (that should be the default, except for MySQL - on Debian, for example, it listens on only unless you configure it to listen on all IPs).

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