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Discussion in 'General' started by frankbootmaker, Jul 24, 2012.

  1. frankbootmaker

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    I have all latest updates installed and have a problem with bind9.
    Periodically at a domain that has also txt, srv and several cname records defined it "forgets" the zone file. If I try to import it than the import is successful but the zone won't show up in the results of dig command.

    The only way to fix it is to re-create it with the wizard and add the records one by one again.

    Do you have any idea what could cause it?

    I attached the zone file to be imported.


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  2. till

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    Please check the syslog file in /var/log for named / bind errors.
  3. frankbootmaker

    frankbootmaker HowtoForge Supporter

    Bind errors


    this is in the log file:

    Jul 24 16:58:02 hosting named[11602]: reloading zones succeeded
    Jul 24 16:58:02 hosting named[11602]: dns_master_load: /etc/bind/ CNAME and other data
    Jul 24 16:58:02 hosting named[11602]: zone loading from master file /etc/bind/ failed: CNAME and other data
    Jul 24 16:58:02 hosting named[11602]: zone not loaded due to errors.

    However it doesn't specify which part of the zone file is corrupt...
  4. till

    till Super Moderator

    Can you post the file /etc/bind/
  5. frankbootmaker

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    Hi Till,

    it's in my prev. post. It's the same content.
    In the meanwhile I realised that if I import the zone it won't export / create it as in the /etc/bind folder. So I deleted a CNAME record that was for CNAME and it forced to export the file to the
    /etc/bind folder, soon after the bind9 program managed to read it in and the zone started to work.

    Was it perhaps this CNAME record that caused the bind9 to stop...? Not sure but currently it seems to work.


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