BIND9 Help ... maybe its the topology?

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by kylibar, Jul 23, 2008.

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    Ok, I have a perfectly good set of dedicated DNS servers, a primary and a secondary. They work just fine, but only on the local network. I understand that 192.168.x.x is for private networks, what I dont understand is the port forwarding and how to actually broadcast. I can point my zone files to my static IP and still no luck. In theory, you should be able to create your own TLD with bind9 right? example; myname.bla

    anyway, any tips would be helpful here. I know i need another static IP from my ISP for my secondary?? right? i only have one static ip right now. aside from that, do i need static IP's for my HTTP / FTP / POP3 & SMTP servers? (they are all dedicated as well) a static (public) IP for each unit?

    so even if I got all of these IP addresses, and even bought a registered TLD like, how would the topology be set up? Ive tried several different configs (its easy to get lost in fun stuff :) for example - I have a larger home network totaling in about 10 user nodes and 8 servers 3 network hardware devices (routers / gateways ect) and 1 dedicated shorewall fw. so where do my DNS servers fit in? before my dedicated fw but after the DSL modem? or maybe its some kind of porting and forwarding issue? I know my firewall works fine, along with the rest of my servers. I know it has to be some very small slight setting... just like always. please help.

    if anyone needs a current topology diagram :
    DSL Modem>>
    Dedicated Firewall>>
    Wired Router>>
    Wired Router>>
    other servers are connected to this wired router​
    Wireless Gateway-Dedicated Unit/Computer>>
    This routing device handles all wireless connections.​
    Wired Router>>
    This router handles the 10 or so user nodes / client pc's / what most people use.​

    hope some fella can help me :) thanks
  2. martien

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    Hi. After you have registered domain name and it points to your static ip you need to make port forwarding for port 53 on your router/modem. When it points to some local ip, on this ip you should run your dns server and it will own the domain zones. You can easy make zone for your domain name and give it A records to your static ip. Then you have to make another port forwarding - for your web server (port 80). Then on your web server make virtualhosts for your static ip and it will work. It isn't too hard.
    I think for having your own tld on your dns server you have to set this dns server for primary dns in every computer in your network. I can configure the dns server as a forwarder of your ISP, then put it as a primary dns in network settings. I'm making something like this on one of my windows computers - i installed bind and set the primary dns on my local area connection to

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