Bind9 / dns zone / only 1 reverse dns

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by rpatro, Nov 2, 2013.

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    Hi! I locate a dedicated server in a datacenter with no DNS Zone setup.
    Datacenter panel have 1 textfield only you can fill one Reverse DNS.
    According with datacenter instructions here...

    ...I need to install BIND9 in order to configure other records like CNAME and MX.

    Ok, I've installed BIND9, created a Master Zone.
    And following this example, I put it in the Zone File:

    $ttl 86400
    @	IN	SOA (
    			86400 )
    @		IN	NS
    @		IN	NS
    @		IN	NS
    localhost	IN	A
    @		IN	A	144.86.786.651
    www		IN	A	144.86.786.651
    loopback	IN	CNAME	localhost

    But when I point my domain to, DNS Register says "time out".
    Am I missing something?

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