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    Hello to all,
    thank you for precious help with your website, it helped many times, but this time i have a need i can't find a solution for.
    Having two webserver mixed ispconfig and cpanel environment, i want to cut dns costs, because i should need at least an ispconfig mirrored dns secondary server (the one i want to shutdown) and a cpanel dns-only server in addiction to the cpanel whm: this way i have to keep up and running 4 machines.

    I need this for automations.

    What i want to do is to replicate ispconfig master zones on the cpanel bind config as masters as well (or at least as slave: the goal is to get 2 machines answering as authoritatives as required from for dns related needs) and, viceversa, replicate cpanel master zones on the ispconfig bind config so each machine acts as a mirror of the other.
    I'm pretty sure i'm not the one who need this solution.
    The one i found so far is based on a shell script and scp, but i do not really like it because relies too much on the config file format (it greps strings). What i was wondering was a bind-managed sync possibly using dnssec.
    I'm not concerned about conceptual master-slave rules unless it engages network floods, so any working solution is welcome.
    unfortunately the two binds are slightly different in config because the cpanel one uses different config files (that's why i want bind to manage transactions).

    It is one of the solutions i found in a complex automatic provisioning and costs-cutting project.
    Any help? any wizardry?
    i don't really want to use a proprietary solution, as cpanel dns only as it can be used only with their products.

    thank guys, sorry for lengthness of my message
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    ISPConfig supports the normal bind sync functions beside the isüconfig to ispconfig mirroring features. In the ispconfig zone settings you can define which external IP addresses can copy zone data by using the bind zone transfers from the ispconfig server and ispconfig can also act as slave dns server in the same way. So as long as the other server is a bind based system as well, you can use the normal sync features build into bind with ispconfig.

    The preferred setup is to use the ispconfig internal syncing features as described here though as you dont have to care about creating secondary zones then:
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    get automatic

    Hello!, thanks for your enlighting answer.
    Do you think it is sufficient to alter the default zone template adding the "allow zone transfer" and "also-notify" values (obviously using as value the other server ip address) so it can be used for each new zone created?

    i need to edit this myself: no, it is not possible, because the ispconfig zone template cannot contain allow zone transfer and also notify because those values reside on the named.conf.local, instead the dns zone template of ispconfig regards the zonefile itself.
    so, i'm stuck here...

    any help appreciated.
    Thank you!
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