BIND, Webmin and CentOS 5.2

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    Hi there,

    I started with a fresh CentOS 5 system and did the guide here:

    I skipped all the mail setup because my host doesn't allow me to send mail yet but that should be no problem.

    The thing that is the problem which I am trying to figure out is how I can setup BIND on my server so that I can host other domains.

    I have webmin setup and everything seems to be working ok.

    I don't have any zones created yet though and I am not sure how to go about doing it. The guide doesn't seem to explain much.

    In webmin it says:

    There are no DNS zones defined for this name server

    Create master zone. | Create slave zone. | Create stub zone. | Create forward zone. | Create delegation zone. | Create root zone. | Create zones from batch file.

    Existing Client Views
    There are no client views defined on this server.

    Create client view.

    These allow me to create zones but I really am not entirely sure what they are exactly or what I am supposed to do to get things going. I have installed all this as in the guide but at page 6 I am stuck.

    Specifically at these steps:

    BIND DNS Domain Template

    This template is used to customize the zones that will be created by virtualmin. The changes to be made are adding a spf record, add the following records to auto generated text box (replace with your slave server):

    @ IN NS ;slave
    admin IN A ;virtualmin
    webmail IN A ;webmail

    In the directives text box add the following with the IP address of your slave server such that the slave is allowed to do zone transfers.

    allow-transfer {; };

    I don't have a domain pointed at the server yet even. I am not sure what to put instead of or the IP addresses. I do have 3 IP addresses on the system.

    I also am not sure what it means by slave server. I don't even know that I have a slave server. I have one dedicated server.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated!!!

  2. falko

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  3. rrhode

    rrhode New Member

    Perfect =) Thank you!

    It did make things much much clearer now but I don't think I will ever be confident with this entire aspect of setting up a server.

    Now lets say I have 3 IP addresses pointing at my system:

    And I have multiple domains:

    I want IP address to be my primary address and the only domain I want to point at this address is Would I then set to this same .100 IP address?

    Would I set to a unique address, the 101?

    I would want any other domains to point to a separate IP address completely so they would all share an IP such as or 101 but should 101 be reserved completely for

    Or is it possible to point them to the same as the IP as ns2 subdomain so I can free up one IP address if needed?

    I am not really sure how this will all work out in the end but I would guess virtualmin will start editing the zone files adding any virtual hosts to them.

  4. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer is independent from, so it can point to any IP address. But if your nameserver lsitens on .100, then point ns1 to that IP.

    If you want to host the zone on, you need a glue record:

    BTW, you must use public IP addresses for your records, or nobody from outside your LAN will be able to access your servers.

    Normally you should set up ns2 on a completely different server so that it can take over if ns1 fails. In your case, it doesn'T make much sense to have ns2 because it's on the same server as ns1, and if ns1 is down, ns2 is down as well.
    But as registrars need two nameservers, you can create a record for ns2 anyway. But it is possible that some registrars won't accept it because it's using the same IP as ns1 (if you use .100 for ns2 as well) or in the same subnet.

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