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Discussion in 'Technical' started by nhybgtvfr, Oct 10, 2019.

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    i've tried searching for answers, but most stuff returned is about redirecting/cnaming the root A record, which is not what i'm trying to do.

    basically, i'm trying to migrate all dns to new servers, with new hostnames. i've already copied over all the zone files.
    i have 2 old dns servers and, and 2 new dns servers and

    put simply, i have no problem changing all the nameservers for domains registered through us, but we also do dns for a lot of third party domains, and it's a nightmare getting them all to make changes.

    so rather than ask them all to change the dnsservers from dns1 and dns2 to ns1 and ns2, can we just change the A records for dns1 and dns2 to match the ip's of ns1 and ns2, (or change dns1/ to cname to ns1/

    i've done some testing and as far as i can tell, it would all work. but i want to make sure this is really all ok and there's nothing i'm overlooking.
    this is a live system with a lot of domains, so i can't afford to miss something.

    *note, just to be completely clear, this is not about changing the records in every zonefile, that's already done on the new servers. it's purely changing the A record target of dns1/2 in's zone to match the ip of ns1/2
    (or cnaming dns1/2 to ns1/2) and leaving the dns servers configured with the registrars (nominet/opensrs etc) as dns1/
    just not sure if dns queries to actually going to will cause any unexpected issues, i don't think it will, but as i said, i can't risk being wrong.

    i know i'd have to get them to change it at the registrar eventually, but this would relieve the hassle and time constraints of trying to get everyone to change things at the same time or to continue maintaining two sets of nameservers because some bugger won't make the change.
  2. Taleman

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    If your question is:
    I have name server and I have umpteen zones where name servers are given as those two (hostnames, not IP-numbers).
    Can I change name servers in those umpteen zones to point to some other name servers?​
    Answer to that question is yes.
  3. Taleman

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    Reading your article the third time, maybe the question is:
    I have name server and I have umpteen zones where name servers are given as those two (hostnames, not IP-numbers).
    Can I change the A record in for the dns1 and dns2 to point to two new name servers, and all umpteen zones are switched to using the new name servers?​
    Yes. But it takes the usual 4 up to 48 hours until all over the world this name service change is visible.
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  4. nhybgtvfr

    nhybgtvfr Active Member

    Hi Taleman,

    it's the scenario in your 2nd response.

    i expected it to all be ok, and i know about the dns propagation time, i've set all the TTL's to 600 seconds ahead of the change anyway to speed that up a bit.

    just wasn't sure if there was anything in bind where requests to a FQDN that doesn't match the actual hostname of that bind server would cause any issues, again i didn't expect it to, but with it being a live system with 1000+ domains on, i prefer to err on the side of paranoia.

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