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    I have a problem with zone replication on two BIND servers.

    I start with another small problem which is connected with main topic.
    I noticed that zone can't be transferred correctly because secondary server can't save temporary zone file from axfr transfer to /etc/bind/slave. In syslog there are lines about insufficient permissions of bind to do it. Both /etc/bind with subpaths and /usr/sbin/named are chowned by root:bind. I forced bind to run as bind:bind and chown recursively both bind paths. Now it works without problem. Is it normal/bug/my wrong configuration?

    Main problem is zone file on master server. I don't know how it's generated but bind don't want to answer anything about this zone when I ask it using dig, nslookup or It's very strange because, on the other hand, the same zone is correctly transferred to secondary server but data is generated with other template. So finally master server looks down for this reverse domain and secondary looks up, but with other (I think default, not from axfr transfer) zone settings (data in refresh, retry, expire and ttl fields; records are correct).

    I have to notice that this problem only occurs with zones, rest zones are ok.

    This can be corrected manually using
    "$ORIGIN ."
    for main zone settings and ns records and
    before records
    "xxx PTR"

    where xxx are parts of IPv4 address.

    Will it work if I save full IP address into PTR record?
    I didn't do that because in ISPConfig manual it's presented solution with
    "xxx PTR"
    not " PTR"
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