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    Hi All,

    I started toying around with O'Reilly's DNS and Bind book today, but I'm having some minor problems with my rDNS. I can forward lookup using nslookup, but my reverse lookup doesn't seem to work.

    Hope somebody could point it out.

    Forward lookup
    [[email protected] var]#nslookup orange
    Address: MY IP
    Reverse Lookup
    [[email protected] var]#nslookup MY IP
    *** Can't find MY IP No answer
    I've also added txt files from:

    /var/named/db.My IP rDNS

    Hoping someone can point me in the right direction!

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  2. falko

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    Please try with dig:
    dig -x your_ip
    You should add
    to your resolv.conf.
  3. matty

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    You've got some issues with your configuration. In your zone file, you are trying to resolve IPs and Obviously, there's no such IPs.

    OK, here's how to fix things.

    Your zone file can be named normally, rather than backwards. It's just a filename, and doing it the normal way around will make more sense to you later. Even more so when you find yourself maintaining hundreds of zone files one day. So, first step, rename your file to db.79.99.27. Note that I dropped the 8 from the name. The 8 (and the 1 & 2) go into the file itself.

    Now, fix the named.conf zone entry to point at the new filename, and to also drop the 8 from the zone.

    zone "" {
    type master;
    file "/path/to/db.79.99.27";

    Now add records to the zone as desired. You also need to add a dot after the names, otherwise the zone name is appended to the end of the name (which is why you only need to put 1 2 8 etc, not, which can also do)

    1 IN PTR
    2 IN PTR
    8 IN PTR

    Don't forget to increment the serial number, and reload the named configuration.

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