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    A few question about the billing module...

    1. What got to do if i've done some error on invoice generation and got to modify the invoice number? May i change the number only from phpmyadmin in the appropriate table? If i'll modify from there, the systema automaticcaly coninute the correct invice number generation?

    2. If i've to delete an invoice or a proforma invoice, i've go to delete the entry from phpmyadmin only?

    3. The pdf of invoice or proforma invoice, are generated any time i'll try to retrive the pdf, or they are stored somewhere?

    Thank you!
  2. till

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    1) invoice numbers should not be changable for lehal reasons in most countries, so if ou want to change them anyway you will havebto modify them in the database. Invoice numbers are generated based on the invoice number scheme that you can set in the company settings, all new invoices will get numbers based on that scheme.

    2) invoices can not be deleted for legal reasons in ispconfig as well, so if you want to remove them you will have to alter the database.

    3) invoices are created when you finalze them and are stored in /usr/local/ispconfig/interface/invoice/

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