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    I am using the billing module to invoice the hosted domains, but would also like to use it for general invoicing (e.g. working hours to clients). Is somebody using it already invoice working hours? How are you doing it? The data that can be added to an invoice item is very limited:
    • quantity: no decimal numbers allowed: e.g. 1.5 hours
    • qualifier: there is no qualifier, e.g. "hours", instead the text/description needs to be misused for that
    • date: a date field per item, e.g. when was the work or item provided?
    Currently i use an old, simple invoicing php system, which has the mentioned fields and makes the invoices look very structured (in opposite to having all that information in a simple text/description field).

    Is there a feature request/bugtracking/roadmap page for the billing module? similar to the one for ispconfig itself at
  2. till

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    I use it for many years for general invoicing incl. support times, support contracts etc. Instead of decimals I use support time units of 15 minutes or 30 minutes instead of decimals.

    There is no external issue tracker for the billing module. Please send us feature requests by email.

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