BIG Problem with DRBD

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by Chr.Raible, May 15, 2009.

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    Hi @all,

    First of all I will explain what my problem is:

    I had installed an DRBD Apache Cluster with an Tutorial from But the site now ist down.

    The hole DRBD Cluster works fine since to the Day I started my backup machines parallel to my productive servers. (Same IP an DNS names )

    Now I had the problem, that the two machines doesn´t find another.

    If I type IN "cat /proc/drbd" on Server 1 (Primary) this is the Output:

    If I tyüe "cat /proc/drbd" on Server 2 (Secondary) this ist the Output:

    My drbd.conf looks so:

    Did anyone have an idea how I can fix this Problem????

    It doesn´t mather if the data are lost. I had an Backup ;).



    PS: If someone can explain me how to install this Machines new with Debian Lenny it be an solution too.

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