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    sorry to come back on the scene with this "great classic" again :eek:
    I have a machine running Debian and just installed an other one with Fedora 8 following "our boss" great tutorial The Perfect Server
    I can access my Debian machine from the local network by typing its hostname "Camomille" but this does not work with fresh installed Fedora (hostname=amazone ) even since both machines' etc/ host seem to be almost identical.


    No problem when typing and here is the output of "hostname"

    [[email protected] ~]# hostname
    Before posting meters of text, what other file should I check?

    For info, neither Bind neither ISPConfig are installed on any of both machines.

    Great thanks for guiding me.

  2. falko

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    Did you disable SELinux?
  3. Camomille

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    Thanks for your answer boss and sorry for my late reply.

    SELinux is disabled.

    I think I know in what direction to search. There is an other ethernet device on my Asus Mainboard.It is not connected since I prefer using a gigabit DLink DGE 530 pci device.
    I have the same problem with a fresh installed Ubuntu server installed on the same machine following your tuto.

    When typing "localhost" , "" , "" or "amazone" in Firefox's address bar on Fedora system, I always come to the same "Apache default page".
    I'll try by using the onboard ethernet device only since I did not find how to desactivate it in the bios!
    I'll post the results of this very soon!

    Great thanks again for your help.


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