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Discussion in 'Feature Requests' started by erebus, Sep 29, 2007.

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    Also, have a better look at localization support.

    I've encountered two issues:

    1) Although you can define a charset in the config file, this charset is not forced everywhere in ISPConfig package (not in the index/error pages, not in the left treeview pane, etc). I believe that this could be easily handled, as someone else already said in a translation-related post I think.

    2) Apache's default encoding. Due to these encoding problems (I think), some pages do not display properly, even if you use a charset meta tag in its HTML (i.e. in the default greek index.html page). The encoding do not translate successfully from Firefox and IE6 just produces a white page. To overcome this, I have to set both Apaches to force a default encoding so as not to search tons of files and settings individually. I think that this would be a nice option to be added in ISPConfig, so as not to set this for each upgrade manually (it could be saved in MySQL and auto configure the confs when selected/updating ISPConfig).

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