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Discussion in 'Feature Requests' started by danuel, May 11, 2009.

  1. danuel

    danuel New Member

    There has been a number of request for FTP/SFTP/SCP(WinSCP users) features. I think below are very important for serious multi-developer/multi-maintainer websites.
    • "users & emails" tab should be renamed to "users (email/ftp/ssh)".
    • We should be able to restrict users ftp/ssh/scp/sftp access to our choice of directory (home/chrooted) within the website .
    • We should be able to restrict users ftp/ssh/scp connection from specific IP, IP range, or multiple IP's (e.g. by dash, comma, netmask).
    • Creating local email account for website users should be optional (many may have email with yahoo/gmail/aol/hotmail ... etc.).
    • Features such as auditing logins to FTP/ssh/email would be useful, but not as urgent.

    This are very useful for assigning tasks of a complex site to different people. Thank you.

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