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Discussion in 'Feature Requests' started by Loveless, Apr 11, 2017.

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    After having installed ISPconfig 3 a couple of times, I'd say the defaults aren't correctly chosen, and somewhat outdated;
    We're living 4 years post Snowden by now. For people using nginx without apache, for example, I'd say always default to SSL/TLS only, so
    - redirect to https should always be enabled,
    - spam and virus filtering should default to ON and default to sieve into the Junk folder which should be created for Maildirs by dovecot.
    - Let'sEncrypt and SSL should be enabled by default, and be allowed for Clients (the Limits tab).
    - Always enable SPDY or its followup rather, http2

    It would save us so much clicking and tabbing for each new Client/Site/Mailbox etc.

    For some customers I've installed froxlor a couple of times, this has really good options for admins to pick the defaults. ISPconfig should have that too.
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    I do not agree with you.
    http is 2x faster than https. Only enable https when it is necessary. Whoever cares when you are reading public news? :cool:
    HTTP 2205 bytes in 0.338 second response time
    HTTPS 2205 bytes in 0.683 second response time
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