Beta 2 Munin minor issue

Discussion in 'Developers' Forum' started by brainsys, Sep 28, 2020.

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    First, thanks for sorting the Server cert email address issue. I had another hiccup involving Munin - which has gone away of its own accord. I don't understand why. Does anybody else?

    Munin was working fine and I could see the graphs at However, when I pasted that into the Service Config - the Control Panel/Monitor/Munin option showed the window as 'blocked'. I even pasted in https://google/com and that was blocked too. ISPConfig just didn't want to show anything.

    I could reproduce this on different browsers/machines so it is unlikely to be a cache issue from when I was playing around with security access. Anyway booted up the server this morning and everything is working. No other changes/updates.
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    I's not ISPConfig that did not want to show it, its the browser. All Major Browsers changed their behavior to not allow that apps like munin which are loaded from a different URL / port are shown in an iframe. There is no easy workaround for that, we probably change ISPConfig to either not have a munin link anymore in the menu or to open it in a separate browser window.
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