Best way to reinstall (mail)server under ISPConfig installation?

Discussion in 'ISPConfig 3 Priority Support' started by radim_h, Mar 28, 2018.

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    hello i have Debian 8 server and want to make clean reinstall with Debian 9 / it is old messy server which have couple distro upgrades done/
    Server has ISPConfig installed /to be precious it is one node in ISPC multiserver setup - mailserver/
    I will rsync /var/vmail dir, but what then ?
    Question is - what is the best way to have ISPConfig installation restored ? Is there way to let ISPC modify all needed files with some forced install?
    or do i have to copy /etc/postfix, /etc/doecot (and others as spamassassin...)?


    FYi: i'm planning do the same thing with whole cluster (ISPC main server & DNS, WEB, MAIL, DB), DB server is allready done, as there was not much to do, just restore db and /usr/local/ispconfig and crons
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    a) If you migrate to a new server, then you can use the ISPCopy program which is part of the ISPConfig Migration Toolkit 2 to copy over all requireed assets in one go.
    b) If you are not migrating to a web server (you reinstall and replace just the OS on the same server while doing a data backup in between), then I would back up these things to be on the safe side:

    All mysql databases

    For a mail server, you will have to restore the postfix and dovecot config files, the ispconfig, ispapps and sshusers group from group and gshadow file, the ispconfig and ispapps user from passwd and shadow file, the dbispconfig database, /etc/geetmail/, /usr/local/ispconfig and /var/vmail. At the end, I would run an ispconfig update with 'reconfigure services' on the slave, this will recreate the cronjobs and other things that might be missing.

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