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Discussion in 'Technical' started by maroonworks, Jan 26, 2007.

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    with all my respect to a plenty of authors I've contacted on the internet to help me in configuring the best squid cache performance server on my network, i didn't get really the performance I'm dreaming of!

    I will appreciate any suggestions, how-to's, hints etc...

    what hard disks are suitable? refresh_pattern settings for jpg,gif,swf etc? Disk I/O? Linux file system? do you prefer journaling & why?

    thank you all for helping me in this matter

    Best Regards
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    For the filesystem type i'm using reiserfs mounted on /var/cache/squid but the best hint i can give you is to register your cache here follow their instructions once you register . As basic instruction on what is warth caching try caching what is far from you so objects in your domain and domains aound you have not to be cached .A program like calamaris generates statistics can help you to determinate choices on what it is best to do . Keep on trying and let me know , i'm trying to get your same results !(hope my english is clear)
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