Best practice: howto transport email to another server when it arrives

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  1. progressed36

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    Hi There,
    A client is getting his own VPS within my multiserver setup of ISP config. His "stuff" (email websites etc) are going to be hosted on his own server.

    What is the best practice for the following:
    -When an email arrives at MAIL01, ISPConfig knows this domain to be forwarded/transported from MAIL01 -> dedicated VPS where the mailbox is stored.
    - How do i setup the dedicated VPS to deliver its email to my smtp also at MAIL01. Reason of this is that a new mail-server has a low/no reputation and to prevent that i want for him to use my incomming/outgoing mail-connection but his email to be stored at his own VPS.
  2. Steini86

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    Is this vps configured to be an ISPconfig slave?
  3. progressed36

    progressed36 Member

    It is going to be yes. The VPS is not yet setup. Probably Wednesday.
  4. nocs

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    You'll need to configure your main server to permit relay for the IP of your slave server (on your postfix configuration).

    And then configure the slave to use the master as relay.
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