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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by alphaman36, Aug 30, 2012.

  1. alphaman36

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    I have found several older posts on the subject (looks like they are talking about ISP Confg 2 since none of the menu options are the same).

    Problem: 1 public IP addres, 2 individual dns servers, how do I get this setup with in ISPConfig 3 (please be specific as to what menu and where as I am still learning it).

    Also what about web server, where does that IP go
  2. Wisdown

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    Im behind a NAT too
    I seto n evirtual machine with the pfsense firewall using 2 NICs, then i forward every port / service for the LAN IP inside on the server

    I have tested many times the multiple server setup, and always stucked in many problems... Now i`m testing one dedicated server with all stuff, i have some posts with problems like, ftp / webdav / sasl on log, etc... But i`m still trying fix it... Hard without knowledge...

    I`m still learning too, but if i`m right the second DNS is useless, usualy the second DNS is for an second static valid IP
  3. alphaman36

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    In my multi server setup the second DNS server is setup as a mirror, so it should be able to use the same IP. I keep reading you use the same IP as staic for the DNS, hwo that works I have no idea as well no idea where to assign it at. Then what IP addresses you assign to the web service
  4. Wisdown

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    From linux use this:

    whois IP

    You gonna see the DNS records from ip you typed, all ips i have checked is using one valid ip per dns server
  5. alphaman36

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    That doesn't tell me where to put the static IP. Is it just in the DNS zone I create
  6. TiTex

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    if your two DNS servers are in the same perimeter (same network) for the outside world is redundant since it will fail anyway if your public IP/Server fails.

    for the LAN you can set up one server as a slave for the primary , and the primary should be the one that you forwarded the dns port from your router/firewall

    by the way if you have just one public IP , there are some free services out there and they will host for you a slave dns server for the outside world of them is buddydns if i'm not mistaken
  7. alphaman36

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    How would I do the slave to buddydns since in ISPConfig I have set ns2 as a mirror to ns1? Would I just use the zone transfers section? And just to make sure I have this right, only forward DNS traffic to the primary dns server correct, and the mirror don't forward traffic to it
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