Batch Rename all mp3's in a directory

Discussion in 'Programming/Scripts' started by bschultz, Dec 2, 2011.

  1. bschultz

    bschultz Member

    I need to rename several hundred mp3's in a directory. I've tried this php script...but it seems to have missed every file from 19 to 29 (119-129, 219-229, 319-329 etc).

    The original names are in no particular order or fashion in how they're named.

    What's my best choice to rename these files to song1.mp3, song2.mp3 song3.mp3 etc.?

    foreach (
    glob("/xmas/*.mp3") as $filename) {
    copy ("$filename""/newpopaudio/xmas$i.mp3");
  2. nbhadauria

    nbhadauria New Member

    use this ..

    for song in *.mp3
    mv $song song$i.mp3
  3. nbhadauria

    nbhadauria New Member

    go in the directory and run the script.

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