Bandwidth Shaping or Fair queing

Discussion in 'Technical' started by maxtor, Dec 21, 2012.

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    As a last resort I am turning to you gurus.

    I am trying to find any know how to do bandwidth shaping based on usage, rather any class or subnet. I need to shape my bandwidth something like a netequalizer box so as heavy browsing users like youtube or http downloads get lower priority than lightweight browsing users.
    I have a centos - iptables -nat gateway which serves internet to ~ 100 people in office. I am really apologetic if this question has been asked many times here, but from the past three days I am unable to find an answer. Every kind of traffic shaping or queing leads to either class based or port based or subnet based. I have only browsing traffic and would like to give fair share to decent browsing people rather that heavy hoggers.

    Please point me towards any know how on how this can be done. I am fairly new in linux, but dont mind studying a little if its not overcomplicated. But I just can't seem to find any case wherein only http que is discussed. Any help is appreciated.

    Something very similar to shaperd but not divide it. Rather than something based on upload and download penalty.
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    Anybody ??

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