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    I've searched the forums, and reviewed the Monitoring section of the How-Tos, and would like to get some input from the community.

    Basically I want to monitor the amount of bandwidth each of my servers and machines are using, incoming and outgoing. Something that can store and provide reporting (history) on the bandwidth usage of my network.

    Here's a snapshot of my devices:

    DD-WRT Router (running on Buffalo Hardware)
    Ubuntu 6.06 Webserver
    Win2k3 - File Server
    2x Win XP Pro Workstations
    2x Apple Laptops

    What tool would be able to monitor each of these machines, and track the amount of bandwidth its using in downloading and uploading. Bonus points for a tool that can even tell me who/what is connected to these machines... such as number of users (including IPs) connected to workstation, shares on the File server, etc. Email notifications of certain thresholds would be keen, as well.

    Does such a tool exist?

    I have downloaded a trial of Ipswitch's Whats Up, but that seems to only monitor for CPU load, HD space, and Availability. It does do email notificaiton, but I'm looking for something that concentrates more on the bandwidth useage.

    Basically, I'd like to know if one of the workstations is hogging the connection using Bit Torrent or FTP and the like.

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  3. xenlab

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    This looks like it may do the trick. Thanks Edge.

    However, I can't tell if it will monitor the other machines too, or just the server.

  4. edge

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    Just the server..
    You will need to install vnStat on it..
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