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Discussion in 'General' started by gregh, Aug 22, 2006.

  1. gregh

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    I have Ispconfig installed on Centos 4.3 with just three domains. Want to come up with a backup stratgy in case lose main drive and replaced. What do I need to have backed up to restore and get Ispconfig running on a fresh install of Centos 4.3 after I have replaced drive and installed OS. I think that Ispconfig justs backups its database and I'm not sure what is in that backup.
    Thank you for any Help. Greg
  2. Dertanion

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    Not sure how to do it myself as i am still learning linux. setup a r-sync to run once a night to another computer that has the same size HD. this way if you loose the drive all you have to do is put in the other drive and you only lost data from the last r-sync
  3. gregh

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    reply back on backup

    Thanks for information but my machine is at a hosting company so if drive goes bad they replace it then on my own. So would like to install OS then restore what is needed to get running. Thanks Greg
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