Backup Strategy for Multiple Server Setup

Discussion in 'General' started by diego, May 5, 2009.

  1. diego

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    I just installed two servers at Hetzner with a ISPC3-Multiserver-Setup (Debian Lenny) and I would like to set up a good backup strategy, using their free 50 gig FTP-Backup Space.
    At the moment I think about using tartarus
    combined with the mysql-dump script mentioned here:
    as a hook for tartarus.

    Which folders do I need to backup on my servers? Is there a difference in the backup between the master and the slave server (both are using debian lenny)?
    Is there a better backup solution for ISPC3 regarding FTP-backups?

    I would appreciate if anyone could post a good way of doing "restorable" backups of the above mentioned setup.

    Thanks a lot,
  2. till

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    At least a full backup of /var and /etc and a dump of the mysql databases. If you want to backup the ispconfig scripts as well you have to backup also /usr/local/ispconfig.


    No, I dont think so.
  3. diego

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    Thank you very much, Till!

    Does this type of backup also include the user mailboxes? can I just copy them as well (and upon restore copy them back)?

    In case of a failure, what needs to be done, to recover a master or a slave from such a backup to get the system up and running again with all services and data (incl. all mailboxes and accounts)?

    I assume that I reinstall debian (Perfect Setup) with ISPC3 and then untar the files to the right locations and dump back the mysql-DB's. What more needs to be done to get up and running without severe problems? Is there any difference in restoring the master compared to a slave server?

    Thanks in advance for clarifying this matter.

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