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Discussion in 'General' started by TonyG, Oct 7, 2020.

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    This is a common question over the years in this forum but I have a specific focus. I have read every thread related to tag 'backup'. I've searched the forum, read the manual, and have looked elsewhere for specific answers.

    I need to work out a stategy for recovery of failures with the ISPConfig master server itself. That is, what plan leads to effective save and fast restore of an ISPConfig controller?

    It's easy to sync a secondary system with a primary. When the primary dies, what's the expected plan to bring it back and resync with the secondary?
    I know this isn't right but I'd like to understand why:
    - Install a primary and a secondary
    - Destroy the primary.
    - Go to secondary to continue some operations.
    - Install a new base system. Make this a mirror of the secondary.
    - This makes the secondary now the primary.

    At this point...
    - Adjust IP addresses and hostnames so that the new system is the primary and the fail-over system is again secondary?
    - Adjust hostnames so that the original secondary remains the new primary (NS2>NS1, MAIL2>MAIL1, etc)?

    There are many notes in this forum about how to get backups, but I don't see anything about the correct way to do a restore, other than copying files back and doing a common MySQL restore.

    What is YOUR plan if your master controller goes BOOM?

    Can someone post (link) a complete list of resources that are related to ISPConfig so that we can ensure that we get a good backup and restore? That is, it doesn't matter what each site does, as long as they all accomplish the same goal.

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    I've virtualized all my systems, even if there is just one VM on a hardware node, and use snapshot backups for easy backup and restore.
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