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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by SiMiE, Dec 28, 2008.

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    Hey All,

    I was just thinking... "What is the best FREE backup software avaible for linux, ultimatley one that works well with Fedora 9?"

    I have a western digital network drive that i would like to use for the backups. Does anyone know if their is a package that will allow me to configure it to backup straight to the network drive automatically each night, for example?

    (My server has been configured to the 'HOW TO' guide found on this site - "Perfect Fedora 9 LAMP setup..." using IPSConfig)

    Any suggestions/thoughts would be great!

    SiMiE :)
  2. zcworld

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    maybe rsync could be useful to you
    its a tad of a pain in the ass due to its command
    but once done
    u can set the time for it to run and where to goto and off its runs

    i think i seen some time ago a backup howto on here somewhere on fedora
    just have a look at the fedora tab and see what you find :)
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    i use mysql admin but my SQL server is local / in my LAN network so i got full speed and compresation data on the fly isn't needed to backup / resort

    i like phpmyadmin
    BUT YOU GOTTA LOCK IT DOWN WELL! : if not : ur SQL server is open to god knows what
    someone could delete all your database / so on
    its an web UI
    you can pick to compress the file server side before its starts to download the ......

    MySQL admin is a good tool ... you can pick what database to backup and have it set to auto backup at a set time / date ....
    its comes down to what you need and what type of database are you running
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