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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by esezako, Feb 10, 2009.

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    Hello, I have 2 OVH servers, one with my domains (Server A) and other with my the domains of my clients (Server B). Two with ISPConfig 2.
    I want to have a third server (Server K) to make a backup of those two . If Server A or B fails I want all my services work on the server K.
    I'm thinking of using two ip failover to A and B. If one server fail, I redirect to K.
    A graphic example here (is the 2º example, but with 2 main servers and 1 backup server)

    My questions:

    How to change the ips of A and B to new ips failover?
    Once done,how can I join in K the sites of A and B?

    Thank's for all, and sorry for my english
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    You can not join 2 ispconfg installations on one physical server. But waht you can do is that you run all servers with a virtualisation solution like openvz and run on server K a instance of the vm of server a and another instance of the vm of server b.
  3. esezako

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    Thank's for the solution.
    I don't think in the virtualization.

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