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    I needed a backup script for ISPConfig 3. I found this one by go0ogl3 but it was not exactly what I needed. I needed to backup the databases and only the clients/clientX/webX/ directories for each web site on the server. So I created a shell script for backup (not restore) that it is very simple but works excellent (at least on my server).

    The script will take a daily backup and a weekly backup. The daily backup is being refreshed everyday while the weekly backup every Sunday. The weekly backup is the last daily backup taken (Saturday's backup).

    Link to the script:
    ISPConfig3 backup script

    Rename it to and chmod to 777 before you use it.
    Open the file and set the variables in the very beginning (BACKUPDIR, CLIENTSDIR, DBUSER, DBPASS).
    Install a crontab like the following to run it daily:

    30 04 * * * /backup/ &> /dev/null

    The script will put backups into these dirs:

    I don't provide any support for this script. If you like it, use it.
    Greetings from the Elxis CMS Team.
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    What's the correct procedure to restore the files?

    One question more. It asks for "TAR=`which tar` # name and location of tar". What should I use here? (I use Ubuntu 9.04)

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  3. yoplait

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    The "which tar" commande will say to the $TAR variable where is your tar command ... Don't bother about this (i think..)
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    changed `which tar` to /usr/bin/nice -3 /bin/tar so that it doesn't clobber the CPU load :] not that i think it really needs it, but depending on how heavy your server gets, this may be "nicer"..

    also, any way to backup postfix and ispconfig3 settings without going through the whole ispconfig3 configuration?
  5. helly88

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    Does the script still work? I'm running Centos 5.x and ISPconfig 3
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    Okay… Dumb question time:

    Do I have to make those directories? Do I have to make them writable?

    Would it be wiser to use chown root:root instead of chmod 777?


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