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    Ok I'm posting this cuz Till suggested I do so, and of course because I want to see the feature added, as well as a few other feature. I appologies if they have been requested already, but this is just stuff I'd like to see eventually.

    1. Restore feature. Basically I'd like to be able to restore a website from ISPC. This would also be handy in moving a site from one server to another. You can just backup the site and restore on the new server.

    2. Invoice and Support Ticketing for Resellers. Since the Admin's have it, I'm sure the resellers would find this useful as well. So the customers who are under a reseller would send support tickets directly to the reseller instead of the Admin. It would be nice if Admin's could see all tickets even just as a view-only feature to see what's going on.

    3. Login as User for ISPC and for Webmail. It would be useful to have the ability to login as a user without their password and be inside their ISPC to help them make changes etc. Also same goes for email, to be able to login as a user on webmail.

    4. Mass Email. To be able to sent out mass notifications to different groups (resellser, admins, all users) about updates or server downtimes etc.

    5. Login History. Keep track of who logged in and from what host/ip. This can be simple to start and develop into a detailed login process for more details to admin changes etc.

    6. Application Installer. Something similar to fantastico in Cpanel where you can install applications at click. There dosen't need to be lots, but a few of the common applications.

    7. Site Skeletons. So you can create a directory "skeleton" and each time a new host is created it copies that content in that directory. This is handy for setting up exactly how you want new sites to be structured or have extra programs etc. It's explained well in this post from another user

    Hmm, this is all I can think of for now, I may add later if it pops into my mind. This is of course just a request, I know you guys work very hard on this already and I appreciate all you've done. Keep up the great work.
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