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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by pawan, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. pawan

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    In ISPCONFIG 3.0.5 rc1 there are two backup options:

    • Backup web files owned by web user as zip
      Backup all files in web directory as root user

    What is the basic difference between the two?

    Again in my /var/backup folder some of the backup folder is also showing DB Backup, but not all.
    What can I do to backup the database as well for all the websites?
  2. till

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    the zip file contains only files owned by the web user, thats the most secure way but if you have e.g, files onwed by a different user like root in these folders, they will not be backed up. The tar backup will contain all files that are in the subfolders of the web but it might lead to security problems depending on the harddisk layout of the server.

    Ensure that the correctw ebsite is selected in the database settings of all databases. This selector is new, so if a database ahs been created in a older ispconfig version, you will have to set it first before the db gets included into the backup.
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  3. pawan

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    Thank you so much, now I understand the difference.

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