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    What do you think of this method?

    At server tab on the left menu a link like: Back-up settings
    Backup setting : on/off
    (If backup == on){
    Backup option: local/ftp
    Backup compression: tar.gz/zip
    Backup type: increment/full
    Backup modules: mail/files/db/e.d.

    if(backup option == ftp)
    Backup ftp host: ..
    backup ftp user: ..
    backup ftp pass: ..
    backup ftp path: ..

    Backup local path: eg. /var/[backupdir]

    My idea is to make this work on the background at 00:00 with a cron script. And that the compression files are like 12-09-2009-23-23-23.tar.gz

    What do you think?
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    Awsome, would be great!

    DUCKFACE Banned

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