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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by sc0tt, May 12, 2008.

  1. sc0tt

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    Hello. I have a server running ISPConfig that has a website I would like to make a backup of, which includes an sql database. I clicked the download option and it appeared to create a zip file of the contents of the site. I was given nothing but a blank screen but I ended up finding the zip file when I searched my filesystem.

    What I am trying to do is use the Backup Manager to restore the archive on another server which runs ISPConfig. The server I am backing up is my production server, and I want to be able to develop things for the site on my testbed server without compromising uptime.

    Any advice would be much appreciated.
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  2. sagor

    sagor New Member

    From what I've seen in this forum, the backup download does not really work. Just look for the compressed file (.zip?) and FTP it to your other machine instead. I use winscp to copy the files...
    Note that ISPConfig backup creates a folder and a compressed file, each about the size of the backup web site, so space gets used up fast. be sure to delete the files after copying to your other machine.
  3. sc0tt

    sc0tt New Member

    thanks for your quick reply. I edited my original post before I saw that you replied. I found the archive but am wondering if it is possible to restore it on my testbed server so that I can do web development on it without messing anything up on my production server. They are very similar machines with identical OSes.

    Thanks again, hopefully my edit wont cause confusion.
  4. sagor

    sagor New Member

    Now that would be beyond my skills here lol...

    I would think security ID's may be an issue, etc. However, I would think a full restore of the parameters should at least allow ISPConfig into it.

    I have not done any backup/restores, other than whole disk images with Acronis (which I use as backup after re-config, etc.) I'll have to try ISPConfig backup someday too, to see how it goes.
    Maybe someone else will point to a thread for you to follow.
    Good luck.

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