backup and moving to another server with all ISPC users and data

Discussion in 'General' started by tom, Oct 10, 2006.

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    What would be the best way to move with ISPConfig to another server. I thing the difficulties are to get the right user-permissions -names and passwords from the msql databases.

    How can we make an complete user and date backup and how can we play it back on an new server with all nessesary data and files in an secure way?
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    well, if you just backup all databases from mysql that should work (including the mysql database which actually handles all the permissions on access to mysql).

    Then you also need to backup the the Mail folders as well as the folders for the website. Make sure you keep the correct permissions.

    Well, I don't have ISPConfig (yet) so this is what I think what needs to be done but be carefull:
    Once you have the backup of all ISPConfig related stuff then you must set it up back on the new server. Once ISPConfig is working there, then you can put the backup files back on the new server. Hence extracting the mysql dbs, the mail folders and webfolders. Important thing - in my opinion - is that you keep all the permissions right.

    However, don't turn your old server off before you didn't check that the new one works right :)
  3. tom

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    Ok, but how I will get the ISPC-users and groups completely with there passwords placed in the new ISPC that they will work there and which files from ISPC exactly are essential to get the transfer managed?

    Maybe Falko or Till have an step by step howto to manage the "I hope never will happend process" only to feel a little bit more secure if I would use ISP an a productive system. I think that's quite importent.

    Thats a matter of course. And I would try to play back everything until I will decide to use ISPC productive.
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