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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by ddcruver, Dec 21, 2006.

  1. ddcruver

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    I would like to know a detail way that I could back up all my customers data. I know you are allowed to backup user data through the tools but how would I restore the all the user data from backups. If the server goes down and the ispconfig gets erased. Could I install everything like i did in the beginning and the restore the mysql dump into mysql. Then would ispconfig write ALL the configurations needed to be done to get everything working again.
  2. Ben

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    Well i never tried completly that way, but what I would do in case of a total crash is restoring backuped data like /etc/passwd, /var/www, mailspool etc.
    Then install isconfig, overwrite its db with the backuped stuff, then everything should be fine. But there will be a loss of data in case of changes between backup and crash happened.
    But as far as i know you can set al db entries to generate the configfiles for them. But i wonder how this will work for the users added to /etc/passwd and the set passwords for them (in case of ssh or the mailpasswd).
  3. till

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    You can not restore a complete setup from a mysql dump of the ISPConfig database because it does not contain the suer passwords. You need at least a copy of your /etc/shadow file to restore the user passwords too.

    There are some thraeds in the forum that explain in detail which files are needed for a full backup of ISPConfig, for example:
  4. adriaan

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    I have to do everything by hand now...

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