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Discussion in 'Tips/Tricks/Mods' started by jnsc, Oct 6, 2006.

  1. IKShadow

    IKShadow New Member


    p.s. I realy appriciate your help.
  2. IKShadow

    IKShadow New Member

    huh Iam realy sorry.

    I decided to check again if all paths are OK and I notice my icons are stored at:

    and not at:

    Iam so so lame, I dont know how i did not notice that -6.5 the first time I checked...

    ofc. The problem is solved now.
  3. jnsc

    jnsc rotaredoM Moderator

    It was not your fault, normally /home/admispconfig/ispconfig/tools/awstats is symlinked to /home/admispconfig/ispconfig/tools/awstats-6.5

    I did this in order to ease the update, so the only thing that is need to be done on update is to change the symlink.

    Your problem was related to this Symlik, and this is why I told you to add "FollowSymLinks". But of course your solution also work, you will just have to change this when AWStats 6.6 will be released.

  4. Tempesta48

    Tempesta48 New Member


    I've installed it on FC6 changing /etc/apache2.conf with /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf and also tried to change the path to the icon folder adding the "-6.5" but what else do I have to do? Sorry but I got lost setting up a file in /etc/awstats, then checked the rights of the cgi-bin folders... :confused:

    Thanks in advance!:)
  5. jnsc

    jnsc rotaredoM Moderator


    What is exactly your problem? If you Icons are not displayed please post the error message of your httpd logs.
  6. Tempesta48

    Tempesta48 New Member

    I don't know because I followed the instructions but don't know where to find the files generated with the statistics and how to access them with the browser...

    ... sorry to be so lame, but I didn't find anywere what to do next :confused:
  7. jnsc

    jnsc rotaredoM Moderator

    The stats are generated in the /awstats directory of your website. So in order to see them just try to go to (where MYDOMAIN is your domain name)
  8. IKShadow

    IKShadow New Member

    Is there a way to configure awstats to make aditional general statistics for all the webs in wwwroot.
  9. jnsc

    jnsc rotaredoM Moderator

    I dont really understand your question, but I will still try to answer.
    AWStats will generate statistics for all websites that have the webalizer option enabled. If this answers your question.
  10. IKShadow

    IKShadow New Member

    Heheh I dont understand it either (now when I read it again )

    I ment on "general" statistics that would generate the log for all the web sites in wwwrooot.

    Let say I have 20 web sites each one have its own statistic /stats /awstas

    now i would like to have one overalll statistcs that would parse LOG files from all webs in wwwroot.

    In that aditional statistic I could see sum of all visits, badwith etc... (for all webs in wwwroot )
  11. jnsc

    jnsc rotaredoM Moderator

    Ok, now I understand it. It might be possible, but this is only a good idea if all the websites belong to the same customer. I think that in most ISPConfig installation this is not the case.
  12. IKShadow

    IKShadow New Member

    I would use it for administrative stuff ... so I can do a quick check whats goin on for all the webs Iam hosting to other custmers.

    Do you mybe know any good way how could I log CPU usage per web.
    I will host some sites that were removed for few hosting's already due a big CPU usage. It would be nice to know which site is taking a lot of CPU.
    The only thing I do know is checking TOP. (CPU was never above 20%... i have dual xenon 2.4 , 2gb ram, 3x 70gb scsi raid 5)
  13. jnsc

    jnsc rotaredoM Moderator

  14. jfruano

    jfruano New Member

    I updated to the last version of ISPConfig (2.2.8) but later awstats no generate the statistics. :confused:

    I have reinstalled awstats and already works fine, but lack two days of the month of November in all domains of my server. (17 - 22)

    The Webalizer is all days O.K.

    I can make that generates those two days awstats stats in all domains ?


    J.F. Ruano.
  15. jnsc

    jnsc rotaredoM Moderator

    try to rename this file
    And regenerate your Stats
    Last edited: Nov 27, 2006
  16. jfruano

    jfruano New Member

    Thanks jnsc.

    Now all days is O.K. ;)
  17. jfruano

    jfruano New Member

    Hi again.

    Why awstats does not generate the statistics of last day of the month :rolleyes:

    any suggestion ?

  18. jnsc

    jnsc rotaredoM Moderator

    I am not using it on a pruduction server now, so I never noticed that. Is the last day missing? Does this only apply to awstats or also to webalizer?
  19. jfruano

    jfruano New Member

    Yes, today is 1 december may awstats not generate stats of 30 november.
    The webalizer is O.K.

  20. jnsc

    jnsc rotaredoM Moderator

    Ok, I will have a look at it this Week-End, and I will let you know what I found out.

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