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    Hello again -

    We're on an ISPConfig 3 server, multiple domains, apache2, mysql, php7.4

    We've managed to get all our sites working nicely through a newly configured AWS Application LB, except for one issue: getting ispconfig dashboard to load via the LB. Specifically:
    1. If our DNS A record points to the public server IP, requests are correctly routed to the proper /www/var/ root web dir, and requests to work correctly - ispconfig dashboard loads, cert validates
    2. If DNS A record points to LB alias, requests are sent to default server root, /var/www/html: requests to work (granted, to the wrong doc root), but requests to return http 404 errors
    Would totally understand if we need to take this up with AWS, but thinking you may have seen this kind of behavior before. Of course, happy to cough up any further detail you need.

    Much gratitude as always ~

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