Autoresponders to accompany Virtual Users and Domains with Postfix, Courier and MySQL

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  1. grasomega

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    Hi, Everybody!

    I looked for some simple solution for an autoresponder for the Virtual Users How-to and this one should do it, but I need a clarification:

    I should replace with my own domain name (that's easy), but what about user? Should I add an entry for every user that needs autoresponder activated in Forwardings table and also in Autoresponder table? Is there an easy way to set it up without editing the database everytime? What about the user himself? Can he/she setup the autoresponder when needed?

    YAA doesn't have much documentation (or I think there's not enough info...)

    Also, I know that the how-to is not for the daemonized version of YAA, but what seeting should I take care (about yaa.conf) of if I would want to daemonize it?

  2. todgerme

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    You must use the forwardings table for every user because you need to create a copy of your email and send it away from the VDA that Postfix uses. Remember unlike a local user, the VDA does not support the expansion of Postfix .forward files! You can try writing a frontend for your users to setup their auto responder as a plugin to something like Squirrel Mail so they login see their mail and can add an autoresponder if they so wish. At the end of the day this is the backend stuff to make the technology work what you do to make life easy for your users will be down to you. The daemonised version works great as well instead of passing the mail in a transport to "yaa" you use domain->smtp[localhost]:40000 or whatever you setup Yaa to use. Same overall result however because Yaa is already open it doesn't need to call all the various perl libraries etc etc over and over again and is therefore much more efficient!

    The Yaa.conf has everything you need in it to enable the Daemon including the command to daemonise, you'll need to place a basic shell script in rc2.d to get it to startup with Debian aswell but that shouldn't be too difficult!

    Hope it helps
  3. grasomega

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    Thanks for the quick reply!

    Ok, so it doesn't really matter which version of YAA I use.
    I'll check out the possibility to plug-it-in to Squirrel Mail.

    Thanks again, your answer sure helps.


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