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Discussion in 'Developers' Forum' started by catdude, Aug 14, 2007.

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    I posted essentially this message over in the Configuration forum, but I'll provide a little more detail here. This is not strictly related to the development of ISPConfig, but instead to a utility to allow migration to ISPConfig.

    I am in the process of moving user e-mail and web accounts over from a Plesk box to ISPConfig (I don't rermember which version we have, but it was downloaded and installed around 3 months ago and I don't have the option of upgrading it). I have been handling the user migration with some perl scripts that connect to MySQL on the Plesk box, grab the domains names to be created and the e-mail addresses associated with the domain, and writing the info to a file.

    On the ISPConfig machine my script stuffed records into isp_isp_domain, dns_a, isp_dep, etc but I'm afraid I must be missing some of the records that should be inserted.

    I see that there are a lot of library functions available in scripts/lib/classes, but I am not quite clear on what I need to be calling. Can anyone here help me identify the PHP functions I need to call to:
    * Add a client
    * Add a domain under that client
    * Add email addresses under that domain

    If I can get this figured out and working cleanly, I hope to be able to release a Plesk migration utility.
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    the only working solution is to use the remoting interface. You can not call any of the functions in lib/classes externally without using the complete ISPConfig forms library. The remoting interface will work with your ISPConfig version too, you will just have to recompile the PHP that comes with ISPConfig to support XML.

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