automatic Server-Backup (ftp)

Discussion in 'Feature Requests' started by TobiasTM, Jul 21, 2006.

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    It were a great feature if there does give a way (in near future ;) ) to config in the admin-interface (Tools/Backup-Manager/Backup and also Admin/ISP-Da.../Backup...) a cron-job who would start automatic an ftp-backup every day/week/month...

    Is this possible ?

    At least the settings can be saved... :D

    Greets - TobiasTM
    (I hope my english was understandable - It´s just to late here)
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  3. MicCo

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    Scheduled backup

    I too think that it will be a great option to offer the user/klients, that the backup options then can be turned on for an customers account will just be even better.

    I know that Plesk are doing it, and it's looks like this screenshot:


    Ofcause this kind of service shall be an options, not turned on by default, due to that it actually will cost the hostingcompany a lot of money in traffic/bandwhite if all the customers was setting the backup to be done every day and FTP the backup to an other server.
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    The screenshot is missing...

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