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    yes it can be done, using if/else, but in that case why not kit up a query to let the user see if the domain or subdomain/username is available. And sorry guys if i havent been around much, but my hosting business is actually starting to take off and make a profit so its a hollow appology :)
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    autosignup on deb 4 latest stables

    Hello my friends.

    My new server is driving me mad! I must of installed ispconfig atleast 18 times now with remoting plugin too no avail.

    Until now... Im running the latest stable release with latest beta 4 remote plugin.

    my problem is that when i run the autosignup.php script my server creates the site, and the client under admin but without the login data needed for the instant ftp. It just says kunde2 as the username.

    any thaughts

    thanks in advance
  3. grandpagenocide

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    which autosignup script are you using? are you using the test script? or tomahawks script or one of the ones i have put out?
  4. leegrears

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    I'm using the one off site. I was hoping to use the one with paypal intergration but all the sites seem to be down.

    Thanks for the quick reply
  5. leegrears

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    Update:- the only feature not created with the script is when the user logs in after signup with his newly created username and password it doesnt add his site to the control pannel to administer. however you can log in! and you can login by ftp with the details to as he is added as an administrator.

    could be a simple fix? I dont really know. Im using all the latest stable releases. Where could i get the autosignup with the paypal intergration?
  6. webcave

    webcave New Member

    i dont really know how to install this any help please :S?
  7. grandpagenocide

    grandpagenocide ISPConfig Developer ISPConfig Developer

    where are you having a problem with it?
    I am going on the assumption that you installed the remote framework already.
    If not then that would be the problem :)
  8. webcave

    webcave New Member

    I dont even know where to put the files :S
    its on CENTOS 5.2 so i put them in the /var/www/html dir and i get all these errors and have no idea what to put in the files for config can u help?
  9. grandpagenocide

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    webcave pm me, or IM me at grandp[email protected] and ill give you a hand. its a very simple process.
    I am going to go on the assumption that you have ISPConfig installed properly with libxml2-dev package installed as well. but why are you putting anything into the /var/www/html ?

    login to ISPConfig, go to the management tab, click on update
    in update choose url
    and put
    where it says http://

    after it installs successfully, restart ispconfig from command line /etc/init.d/ispconfig_server restart

    now go to tools tab, and click on user in the tree
    create a username and password leave IP blank
    check off all the boxes that you want available through remote

    now open your autosignup script and change these fields
    $server = ""; //for subdomains
    $serverpath =""; //soap server

    $parameters = array('user' => 'test', 'pass' => 'monkey');

    then upload the autosignup.php and soap.lib.php to your server and you should be good to go. I recommend you use the test.php provided in the examples for remote framework on, if the remote framework works for you, your only other possible coming error is the soap.lib.php, in the autosignup.php and soap.lib.php change all soapclient to soap_client and it will resolve the soap error your going to run into.

    I hope that answers all your questions :)
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  10. grandpagenocide

    grandpagenocide ISPConfig Developer ISPConfig Developer

    I found the glitch in the beta remote framework 4.1 Im testing a rewrite of it now, ill put it up as an attachment tonight and submit it to Till to update the current one if it works. Im also going to add the new features to the rf, python etc.

    download the 4.2 update
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  11. Ballistic509

    Ballistic509 New Member

    I can't seem to get this to work at all. I have tried everything I could.
    Any help or any data needed, I will post to make this work.
  12. grandpagenocide

    grandpagenocide ISPConfig Developer ISPConfig Developer

    first did you install the remote framework?
    Second did you put a user and pass word and check off the appropriate boxes in the remote user?
    Third did you put your username and pass in the script along with server name?
    and last can you be a little more specific on whats not working
  13. Ballistic509

    Ballistic509 New Member

    1. Yes, I install the remote framework
    2. Yes, I made a user and checked all boxes.
    3. Yes, I edited the script and added my user to it, along with editing my server url.

    When I run the script to add a user to my server, it says it was added successfuly, but when I go to login with that user, I cannot. When I login with admin to view if the user or domain was added to the system, I see it was not.
  14. grandpagenocide

    grandpagenocide ISPConfig Developer ISPConfig Developer

    try /etc/init.d/ispconfig_server restart, and can you put a link up to your autosignup script?
  15. Ballistic509

    Ballistic509 New Member

    I did indeed try the restart with no results changed.


    the test.php script is in that same directory.
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  16. grandpagenocide

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    check now you have a new client haha
  17. Ballistic509

    Ballistic509 New Member

    No matter what I do, it does not work. I just tried it again and nothing worked for me.
  18. grandpagenocide

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  19. kextra1

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    Autosignup Modifications Worked

    Hello all,

    I've been playing with the remoting framework for some time now.

    First off, I just upgraded ISPConfig from 2.2.26 to the new 2.2.27 which was just recently released this October.

    If you have upgraded your ISPConfig software you MUST remove and reinstall the remoting framework (i'm using version 4.2). This can be done by removing the directory via:

    rm -Rf /home/admispconfig/ispconfig/web/tools/tools/remote

    Then download the remotingframework.pkg and install it through your System Update option within ISPConfig.

    Now go ahead and grab the autosignup script from:

    Now we have just a few modifications to do in order to make the script work with the latest version of ISPConfig Stable.

    Open up autosignup.php with your favorite editor. Add your server URL and your soap server URL. Also add your remoting user's username and password.

    Now open up your editors Find and Replace option....there are many editors in linux that have this functionality...if you're in windows I would suggest something like adobe dreamweaver.

    Find all of the soapclient fields and replace with soap_client.

    Now go back up to the top of your autosignup.php and open up your Find and Replace again...this type search for and replace all of these fields with the internal IP address of your ISPConfig server.

    Next open up soap.lib.php

    Search or rather Find all of the: soapclient entries within soap.lib.php and replace them with soap_client just as you did with the autosignup.php

    That's it you're done! Follow those steps and you should be'll have some fine tuning to do to customize your autosignup script however i just tested it today and it worked perfect.

    The Remoting Framework I've found changes at times and these changes can be missed due to the lack of details in documentation...or rather lack of documentation in general hehe...however i have to tip my hat and thank all of the developers who put in the hardwork and time to make the remoting framework as bad ass as it is today! I love it!

    I'm a SOAP tard, however one change that may confuse alot of newbies is the soap server at:

    In older versions of ISPConfig the above URL would present you with a login screen...which i've found is no longer the case. It simply tells you your soap server is working.

    I'd suggest downloading the Remoting Framework test scripts....check the soapclient to soap_client variables in the php files, enter your info, and if that works...well then all of the steps above are all you need to automate user signup!

    Hope this helps someone out there!

    Take care guys! ...and thanks and pr0pz to all the ISPConfig developers! Indeed my favorite Control Panel of all time!

  20. grandpagenocide

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    well originally it was going to be zend encoded, so the documentation wasnt a consideration hehe

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